Do I Have My Own Personal Record Keepers?

“The Record Keepers are not “your” Record Keepers, but there are Record Keepers out there that are designed to help you with different formats/topics.  Like, there are Records Keepers that help with Reiki,  Acupuncture, all healing modalities.  And, there are Record Keepers that help with writing and swimming and gardening…you get the idea.   The Record Keepers retrieve the information from our Akashic Records.

We’ve all received information from the Akashic Records.   You know those moments in your life where you are feeling like everything is surreal and everything is just flowing, and you can’t put your finger on what it is, but you feel like you’re getting just downloaded with the most incredible confidence in the information that you are experiencing, and it’s not coming from another person, it’s just being downloaded into you. That’s what the Records do. So whenever we are reading our Akashic Records, the Record Keepers will retrieve the information from our Akashic Records, or our Book of Life, and the Record Keepers that retrieve it are the ones that know about this information that you’re asking about. So if you were asking what color to paint your home, it’s going to be a different Record Keeper than the Record Keeper that will come in and help with the topic of “Can you help me heal my relationship with my mother?” The Record Keepers, they work with everyone. They are angels that have contracted with God to be able to help us retrieve this information.”

~ Jodi Lovoi from within the Akashic Records

Working In the Akashic Records

You can ask God to heal, complete, and deactivate from your DNA any criticism or judgment you feel around any situation. Then you can activate in to your DNA confidence, belief in yourself, and love for yourself.

Your external world is a complete representation of what the Record Keepers are trying to get you to heal. Look at the areas of your life you want improvement in and write them down. Ask for them to be broken down in a way you can understand more clearly.

It’s so much fun to get into the Records and listen to the Keepers. Sit in the Records and don’t actually do anything.

Ask every day: What is up for me? What is the realization I need to have today? What job do you have for me today? Not to criticize, judge, or disparage yourself. Power is in the mind and also in the Records. Anything negative felt in the Records is ego or in the culture. The Akashic Records just hold the Records. (Of Everything)

Jodi Lovoi from the Akashic Records

Your Purpose

You have a reason to be here, a purpose. Always love yourself. Get back to that big love you feel. Get that love so full inside of you that you can share your work with the world. Ask what is blocking you from opening up your flow of work from a trickle to a steady stream? Drop into your heart as you notice any blockages that might keep you from doing your work. You can deactivate these in your Records. For example, you can release to God all of the false beliefs that your father taught you about work. That work has to be hard. That work is something that you don’t enjoy. That work is something that you have to sacrifice yourself, your free time and your family for. Now breathe. Then say a forgiveness prayer to your father, all others and yourself. Release all of the times you let other people dictate to you how you would live your life, and forgive yourself for letting that be your truth. Affirm that it is validating for you to take care of yourself. Forgive yourself and release all the times that you didn’t think you were able to take care of yourself, at any age, on any level. Promise to do better next time. And do better next time. Place your hand on your heart and say, “I bring in and activate the confidence that I know I can be successful doing what I want to do.”

Jodi Lovoi
From the Akashic Records


“When you feel fear, ask yourself if it is the type of fear that warns you that something bad is going to happen, or if it is the type of fear that holds you back. If it is the former, listen to it and follow your inner guidance. If it is the latter, recognize that the fear is there, but don’t let that fear paralyze you. You want to overcome and be able to move through this process even though you can feel the fear. You can actually choose to move yourself along this path easily. The easiest way is to take a step, such as one small action, and then see if you’re clear on the next steps. If you’re not clear, ask what it is that is clouding your clarity. Fear creates fuzziness and lack of clarity. Is it fear? When you feel the fear, ask about the fear. Fear of what? Say the truth. Ask how to release it. You don’t need to meditate on it and wait for the answer to drop in. You can Deactivate the belief causing the fear and Activate in a replacement belief. It is a very interactive process.”

Jodi Lovoi
From the Akashic Records

Sacred Relationships

“Your relationship with yourself is the most sacred relationship. Each of us has to be okay with letting others go and doing what we came here to do. Within the Records, we can ask if it’s in our best interest to stay in a sacred relationship. We ask to be shown what we need to heal, forgive, love more of.

We can ask ourselves and the Record Keepers what we want from this relationship. What is this relationship teaching me? What is it I need to know or learn in order to clearly understand the way ahead for this relationship?

Our task is to unravel this and release the fear. Any time you have a relationship with any ugly treatment, forgive that person for what allowed that person to get to that behavior. If you find that you are in an unhappy marriage, stay in it until or unless you’re very clear about leaving. What your spouse brings up in you is what you need to heal anyway. Stay to see where your patterns are, to dissolve them so you don’t bring them to the next relationship.

Fill yourself with what you want. The clarity comes. Ask for clarity in the Records. When you don’t like the answer, ask how to heal it. Don’t leave a relationship until you feel complete. You’ll know when/if it’s time to end. Keep working on loving yourself and the sacred relationship with yourself. When we are working in the Akashic Records, we can ask to release to God and deactivate from our DNA any times that we’ve ever let our thoughts or emotions from this relationship block our connection to God or love of ourself.

We can activate into our Soul’s DNA our stronger connection with God and the openness to experience every relationship from that vibration and authority. We can activate into our DNA the belief that we are the vibration and authority in our own life. That vibration permeates every relationship in our life, past, present, and future. We activate in that we are our own best mother, father, lover, partner, friend, son, daughter, employer when we are full and in connection with God.”

Jodi Lovoi
From the Akashic Records